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В морфемном словаре русского языка МОРФЕМА.РУС приведен разбор слов по составу (морфемный разбор, морфемный анализ). Даный словарь поможет в проведении морфемного анализа не только начальных (словарных) форм слов, но и всех их словоформ (всех грамматических форм слов русского языка). В основу морфемного словаря "Морфема" положена наиболее полная лексика русского языка.

Разбор слов по составу (морфемный анализ) с выделением корня, суффикса, основы и окончания: "снова", "помощник", "вдали", "преспокойно", "упорно", "досыта", "беспредельный", "тотчас", "радость", "скоро".

Ударения в словах: "начав", "начавший", "начавшись", "приняв", "кормящий", "отдав", "отжим", "развитой", "закупорка", "кухонный", "севиче".

Синонимы к словам: "тактильность", "создать", "товарищ".

Антонимы к словам: "ликвидация", "дружить", "эмпатия", "шум", "пацифист", "глубокий", "доминант", "избыток", "любить".

immigration / NZ
articles, tweets, resources
14 Nov 2021
Government to address immigration 'quirk' in new one-off residence visa
NZ Herald
The Government says it will look at a "quirk" in immigration policy that means some workers have to leave the country and fly back in to be eligible for next year's one-off residence visa.
10 Nov 2021
Immigrants uncertain about their future due to residency eligibility
International students and workers are fearful they may have to leave New Zealand because they can’t see a way to gain residency.
8 Nov 2021
Productivity commission report reveals immigration is both good and bad
You can now add our own Productivity Commission’s work to the global pantheon of studies looking at immigration. Like many of its predecessors it seems to conclude immigration can be both slightly good and slightly bad.
Calls for law change as report reveals unsustainability of pre-pandemic immigration rates
A new report has outlined just how unsustainable it is continuing New Zealand's pre pandemic immigration rates, with little ability or willingness to build the required infrastructure.
Productivity Commission Finds Immigration Policy Disconnected From Infrastructure And Housing Supply
The inability or unwillingness to build the infrastructure needed to support and settle people in the community suggests pre-pandemic rates of immigration are unsustainable, says the Productivity Commission.
5 Nov 2021
‘Priority’ migrants promised two-week wait face four-month delays
Priority residency applications should be allocated within two weeks, but 300 high-earning migrants are facing four-month delays.
4 Nov 2021
Immigration officials can bar entry to visa holders, court hears
A High Court judge has asked if an Afghan facing the risk of execution due to their link to the New Zealand military would meet the threshold to get a visa.
3 Nov 2021
NZ-affiliated Afghans unfairly denied visas, court told
Lawyers acting for Afghans unable to get visas to come here have told the High Court the government has not acted fairly.
31 Oct 2021
'No clear pathway' for international student to get NZ residency
A Palmerston North international PhD student is frustrated and uncertain about her family’s future after being left off the list of people fast tracked for a residency visa.
26 Oct 2021
Afghan woman waiting for refugee visa told Immigration not processing offshore applications
A woman trapped in Afghanistan while New Zealand authorities have held her passport for three years, is pleading for help.
Afghan woman waiting for refugee visa not in priority group - Immigration Minister
The Immigration Minister Kris Faafoi says an Afghan woman at risk from the Taliban can apply again for a visa - though she is not in a priority group.
24 Oct 2021
Immigration NZ staff to be re-trained over one-off residence visa applications
Immigration New Zealand is not planning to recruit any more staff to take on the processing of the one-off residence visas.
23 Oct 2021
Major hurdle for HIV-positive immigrants to be removed
A major hurdle for HIV-positive people seeking to move to New Zealand is starting to be lowered, with the government removing the virus from a list of medical conditions deemed “likely to impose significant costs or demands” on the health services.
22 Oct 2021
Immigration removes HIV from list of high cost conditions
HIV is no longer considered a high cost condition following a policy review by the Immigration Minister. However, NZ is still among just 18 countries that will require migrants to get an HIV test for a visa or residence.
19 Oct 2021
Immigration lawyer calls for Covid-19 vaccination to be a condition of visas
An immigration lawyer is calling on the government to boost Covid-19 vaccinations by granting visas only to those who get inoculated, and offering an amnesty to overstayers who are double-jabbed.
15 Oct 2021
‘Ableist’ immigration policy to be reviewed – minister
The Immigration Minister plans to review medical requirements for permanent residency that have been criticised by disability advocates for breaking the UN convention on human rights.
14 Oct 2021
New Zealand’s invisible people
Anyone with an Indian passport resident in New Zealand would be familiar with one absurdity that stands in their way whenever they are looking to travel north or west from here – the Australian transit visa.
13 Oct 2021
'I don't exist': Government silence hurts migrant parents
Migrant parents say they feel invisible after they were left out of an immigration announcement offering residency to thousands of others.
12 Oct 2021
Working holiday and seasonal work visas extended for another six months
Thousands of workers with expiring visas will be able to stay on the job for an extra six months.
Government extends working holiday and seasonal employment visas for another six months
The Government has unveiled charges to working holiday and seasonal employment visas, in a move it says will provide certainty to employers and visa holders over summer.
10 Oct 2021
'Massive divisions' - Greens call for extension of one-off residence
The Green Party is calling for an expansion of the government's one-off residence visa.
8 Oct 2021
Is the new 2021 Resident Visa category open to misuse?
It’s good news that 165,000 people on temporary visas will qualify for residence in New Zealand. And the bad news?
7 Oct 2021
Migrant students feel cheated over residence visa decision
People who missed out on one of the 165,000 residence visas are cursing their bad luck at not being on the right visa on the right day.
2 Oct 2021
Reform of Immigration NZ admin should be priority - Seymour
Act leader David Seymour says the government should dump its immigration reset, after it announced a record number of residence visas.
1 Oct 2021
Migrants wary of fast-track: ‘The pressure cooker was about to explode’
After waiting months in the residency queue, migrants are sceptical of the Government’s sweeping immigration announcement committing to residency within a year.